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What We Offer

MDA’s team of seasoned lobbyists and public policy experts have decades of experience representing many diverse interests and organizations in sectors such as business, organized labor, local government and other trade associations.

MDA offers a full-time, credible Trenton presence that is already recognized and respected. We will work with you to actualize your governmental and/or legislative agenda and build the right relationships to educate policy leaders on your perspective as well as coalitions of likeminded organizations and leaders.


We look forward to drawing on our decades of experience in Trenton to advance you government relations agenda. We can open doors and develop contacts at local, state, and federal levels; develop and identify bills relating to your issues; track and report on legislation and regulations; analyze the impact of legislative and regulatory initiatives on your organization, and ultimately help you make sound, strategic decisions. Our accomplished bipartisan lobbyists know legislative leaders of both parties on a professional and personal level. In a relatively short period of time, Our experience in legislative strategy development, regulatory intervention, direct lobbying at all levels of government, grassroots development and implementation will fit your growing needs. Here at MDA, we recognize your constraints on time, location, and other factors that make it difficult to maintain the desired, constant presence in Trenton. MDA will be your face in the Legislature, keeping your organization at the forefront of the Legislature and Governor’s Office on a regular basis. Located within a few steps of the New Jersey Statehouse in downtown Trenton, our office becomes your office as our clients capitalize on our full-time Trenton Statehouse Representation.

Governmental Relations

MDA provides municipal government relations services in the forms of economic development and planning, press relations, and comprehensive UEZ development. If you are in the beginning stages of UEZ designation, MDA can help accelerate the process, gain initial designation, and launch a grassroots marketing and development campaign in coordination with local government. If you already have a UEZ, MDA can provide guaranteed results of increased UEZ members within definite timeframes through grassroots campaigning and detailed marketing plans.

Municipal Governmental Relations

Issues management can be a maze of bureaucracy and red tape. The team at MDA offers extraordinary policy development and strategic management to our clients. We continually gain access to key policy makers and government officials by building on our reputation for knowledge and integrity. As a Governmental Relations Specialist, MDA will establish a strong presence in Trenton, building and strategically shaping a unique legislative agenda for you. MDA has a proven track record of success in managing issues for organizations. MDA has coordinated the legislative and public policy agendas for various coalitions throughout the State of New Jersey. As the management company, MDA partners and staff participate in: • Policy briefings • Legislator meetings • Capitol Hill Visits • Numerous other grassroots activities

Issues Management

An effective press management plan catches the attention of news media through placement of key information and accessible connections. Your desired message would not only resonate through the halls of Trenton, but also throughout the state, in newspapers, on television, and throughout the internet. MDA has a proven record of delivering positive press for its clients on issues as well as managing media crisis and damage control. Our high-yielding media plan involves, but is not limited to: • letters to the editors • op-ed submissions to various publications • editorial board meetings • press releases • press conferences

Press Management

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