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What We Offer

The MDA team has decades of experience in association management and local government support. MDA is prepared to serve on an interim or full-time basis providing Executive, Finance and/or Operational support for local governments and non-profits. 

With our in-house reproduction center, virtual and live meeting capabilities, friendly support staff, reception services, event planning staff, financial management, membership management and technology services, our clients have a full time presence and succession planning for the future.

We can design the following services to fit your budget.


General Office Services MDA believes that an organization is often judged by the image it projects. Through the use of strong communication and computer technology skills, MDA is proud to offer the following general office services: • Attendance at meetings and events • Data/information administration and maintenance of all files and data • Archive records and maintenance electronic records of documents • Preparation for meeting: distribution meeting materials as provided by the client • Maintenance of organization board of directors’ letterhead • Support for the organization with institutional memory for the orderly succession during officers’ and committee chairs’ transitions • Suggestion of ways to improve the association

General Office Services

MDA sees its role as the support staff to the Board of Directors and Committees as a key component to our success as your management firm. MDA is proud to offer the following Board of Directors and Committee coordination services: • Assisting the president and committee chairs, as needed • Coordinate board of directors and executive committee meetings • Assist the secretary in collecting Board of Directors meeting agenda items from all committees • Take all board of directors meeting minutes & assemble draft action plan/to-do list • Maintain an electronic and hardcopy archive of all board of directors minutescommittee meetings • Assist the executive committee in the production of a board orientation manual, performance expectation document, code of conduct, etc. • Ensure update of website annually relating to board members joining and departing, photos, website access, etc. (annually)

Board & Committee Coordination Services

When an organization gathers for internal or external events alike, it is critical that every detail is managed effectively. MDA’s portfolio of experience involves managing meetings and events of all sizes and providing the before, during and after preparation and style that are needed to make the event a success from start to finish. MDA will: • Support the coordination of meeting or event venues, as directed by the leadership of the organization and act as the on-site liaison at the event • Select and negotiate food/beverage at the venue as instructed by the leadership of the organization • In conjunction with the current staff, manage all online registration for events utilizing organization computer systems/tools • Maintain a master list of event participants and assist in data management and update the respective leadership on a monthly basis • Handle all pre-registration and on-site registrations • Assign seating and coordinate special tables as instructed • Assist the organization’s communications committee as needed with any coordination and/or advertising with other industry related groups. • Provide and distribute meeting materials and assist in collecting participant surveys as well as continuing education forms. • Coordinate speaker logistics and appreciation gifts under the leadership of the organization • Post available registration summary to the treasurer within one week of an event including a complete list of all registrants by membership type and financial summary of amounts collected from walk in registrations.

Event Planning & Public Relations Services

Membership management is the life blood of any organization. To that end, MDA will: • Obtain and distribute new member packets with appropriate information as instructed by the members committee and have these materials available at meetings • Assist in data sorting and manipulation related to membership, monthly reporting, data analysis • Distribute pre-registration list to the membership committee two days prior to all organization meetings and events • Maintain a master committee participation list for volunteer acknowledgement

Membership Management Services

MDA has the financial background and know how to keep your organization financially strong and growing. MDA is proud to offer the following financial services: • Working under the leadership of the organization treasurer, MDA can assist with special accounting projects, manage payment receipt and deposit for events and other items as well as assist with annual sponsorship package compilation. • MDA works will with the treasurer who manages the monthly accounting, banking, audits, statement review etc.

Financial Management Services

The MDA team has over twenty years of service to and in local governments providing services in developing public policy, public information support, HR, government administration, budgeting and finance.

Municipal Government Support

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